The Chip Shoppe

The Chip Shopp Logo

The Cedar Park PTO is proud to partner with The Chip Shoppe for our largest annual fundraiser.

Based in St. Cloud, MN, this premier fundraising company offers a wide variety of high quality products such as cookie dough, gift wrap, candy, jewelry, kitchen tools and more.  The Chip Shoppe provides incentives for both the students and the school.  Students are awarded prizes for every item sold, and a limo ride for the top sellers, and the PTO is given bounce houses to use at the spring carnival.

But most important is the money raised, and The Chip Shoppe is proud to share the highest profits in the industry.  During our 2013 fundraiser, Cedar Park students sold more than 3,000 items and the PTO profited over $17,500!!  This has proven to be a winning fundraiser for Cedar Park students, families and the PTO alike.

If you’d like to read more about The Chip Shoppe, please visit their website at


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